Healthy Chef

Many adults eat and cook with unhealthy bad habits because they were taught these habits when they were very young and lived with them most of their lives. Thus we prepared a special cooking program that focus on children to teach them on healthful habits and food choices to carry into adulthood.


Healthy Chef Program is one of Aspetar initiatives aimed to promote healthy living for children in Qatar. It consists of fun, interactive cooking classes for young girls aged from 7 to 10 to learn and experience hands-on activities that strengthen their knowledge and skills in making healthy food choices. The program teams a Nutritionist with a Chef to provide nutritional education includes simple healthy cooking and shopping skills in a practical manner with the participation of children.

Registration will be open for next season soon!

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For any inquiries please contact us:
Jwaher ALNeama-Nutritionist-Aspetar 44132603

Parent/Guardian Consent Form

• I, the undersigned parent /guardian , hereby declare and acknowledge that my child has no health problems that would prevent her from participating in the program and I am fully aware that ASPETAR shall not assume any consequential liability. Further, I hereby declare the presence of my child in the days of the program within the specified time. In the case of absence for more than one session without prior notice child participation will be canceled.

• I agree that the Aspetar staff in case of an emergency will do the needed or call 999 and may authorize the physician to provide emergency care that neither I, nor the alternate contact, be reached immediately.

• I agree to allow photographs of my child taken during the program or event to be used in publications, newsletters, or other promotional advertisement for Aspetar.