Community Health Programs

Namat - For a Healthy Lifestyle
Step into health is a dynamic program initiated by Aspire Zone Foundation, and under the supervision and management of Exercise is Medicine department of Aspetar. The program with 46767 members promotes the concept of holistic health change to engage the people of Qatar in a self-managed lifelong program based on a moderate amount of daily physical activity, encouraging each person to walk 10,000 steps and more a day in a non-competitive, recreational and social approach.
It is a multi- interventions program using tools which set targets for physical activity and nutrition and can help individuals monitor their performance linked to an online program. For more information
Namat - For a Healthy Lifestyle
ASPIRE ACTIVE is our life-changing community engagement initiative geared at enhancing the quality of lives of people it serves. The open-to-all program offers unique pedagogical fitness, health and wellness education and multisport activity for the community.

Children Health Programs

Qatar Active Schools (QAS)
Namat - For a Healthy Lifestyle
An evidence-based best practices model to enhance the physical, mental, and social development of every child in Qatar by incorporating physical activity into the culture of schools and sustaining it through school, family and community partnerships.
QAS is one of Aspetar initiatives in collaboration with the Supreme Education Council that aim to promote inclusive and diverse physical activity opportunities throughout the school day and to ‘make healthy choices, easy choices’ for students, teachers, school administrators and the broader school community.
Namat - For a Healthy Lifestyle
Haraka-wa-Seha (HWS) is one of the Exercise is Medicine Departments initiatives to promote physical activity and health among children in Qatar. HWS aims to develop an interactive sport-based health education program for children. The program is considered as one of the afterschool activities for young children.


For more information kindly visit Haraka-wa-Seha (HWS)

Namat - For a Healthy Lifestyle
Healthy Chef Program is one of Aspetar initiatives aimed to promote healthy living for children in Qatar. It consists of fun, interactive cooking classes for young girls. Thus we prepared a special cooking program that focus on children to teach them on healthful habits and food choices to carry into adulthood.


For more information kindly visit Healthy Chef